Providing Clean &
Reliable Data.

Delivering personalized data to meet your needs. Dataaug improves your efficiency by providing accurate and affordable data services to guide sales, marketing and other business decisions

Your Challenges

Quality of data

Are your databases up-to-date for your teams to get accurate forecast and transparency?

Low Productivity

Do you have bad profile data that leads to wasted phone calls or emails ?

Poor Relationship management

Are your reps struggling to gather and keep data about the sales journey?

How to use Data

Do you lack an understanding of how to use your data to grow your business?


Lead Generation

  • Identification of Key opportunities 
  • Identification of  decision-makers & influencers 
  • Improve personalization
  • Improve ROI

Data Enrichment

  • Search and  extract data from online sources
  • Provide wide range research and insight to meet your needs
  • Provide data against client basis for further research.

CRM Management

  • Cleaning current data within the database. (Duplicates, errors and incorrect data)
  • Updating customer profiles and records.

Remote SDR

  • A team of professionals ready to go in a matter of days
  • Increase your conversion rate and sales by 10X with an optimized approach to lead generation.
  • Skip the headache of hiring and training, and get straight to the important stuff

Virtual Assistant

  • Organize communication via emails and phone calls
  • Save time and money with help organizing meetings, travels and accommodations
  • Provide customer service as first point of contact
  • Keep online records for easy access to all your data.
  • Manage contact lists and organize managers’ calendars.
  • Create and review customer spreadsheets and keep online records

About Us

Our mission is to offer a unique consulting experience for SaaS companies by providing clean and reliable data to sales and marketing teams to help increase conversion rates with originality, transparency, and confidence.

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